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Read our full Disclosure Policy. You can accomplish a lot in just 30 days, and based on some studies, you can form a new habit too.

  • CHALLENGE: Declutter at least 1 item a day in the month of May..
  • Sneaky Surprise: Elementary Piano Solo.
  • Take Care of Household Rubber!
  • White Trash Etiquette: The Definitive Guide to Upscale Trailer Park Manners;
  • Yesterdays Train - An Olympic Record.

There are lots of ways to change your life, and a fun way to kickstart the changes is with a 30 day challenge. Here are 10 ideas for 30 day challenges.

So Justin… What’s the First Challenge?

Click here to subscribe to our Youtube channel! Here are a few ideas for 30 day challenges you can undertake. How plastic travels the world. Meet the cast of The Addams Family. Raheem Sterling gets his Gold badge. Bring and Buy for Children in Need. Joe Sugg chats Shaun the Sheep. Choose your own Blue Peter adventure. Dove Cameron hair clip make. Make these 'Monster-nets'!

15 Unique 30 Day Challenges Guaranteed To Make You A Better You

Richie's surfing outtakes. Quiz: Secrets of the post system. Meet the cast: Abominable. Which Blue Peter dog bath is your favourite?

Lindsey conducts an orchestra. Get your BP Music badge. What genre of music are you? Jacob Collier remixes BP theme tune.

Why NOT to do 30 Day Fitness Challenges

The hardest code quiz in the world. Blue Peter Music badge revealed. Name our Lindsey inspired pirate. Code-breaking conundrum quiz. Quiz: Do you know these strange sports? Meet these awesome sport stars. Henry's Blog and Bloopers. Which Batman character are you? Weird world records: choose your favourite. Make Red Pepper Rouille Sauce. Konnie Huq makes an awesome Kaleidoscope. Help Henry travel through time! Daniel Radcliffe talks Playmobil: The Movie.

Jeremy Pang's Tofu Pad Thai. Going Green: The recycling quiz. Five top tips to go green. When is the last time you read a book just for fun? Not because you had to, but just for the sake of enjoying a good book? It can be difficult to carve time out of your day to cozy up with a good book and let yourself get lost in it, but it always feels so amazing when you do! Try reading one chapter of a book every night before bed for the next 30 days and see if it helps you feel more relaxed and maybe even inspires you! Negative thoughts happen to all of us. Sometimes when things are going wrong, it can be difficult to find even one good thing about the situation at hand.

Challenge yourself for the next 30 days to see if you can try to find the positive in every single situation you encounter. When negative thoughts start to creep in, try to instead replace them with positive ones. Related: 17 Tips for Living a Healthier Life.

I Did 30 Push-Ups For 30 Days And This Is What Happened - Funny Challenge

Obviously you will still need to pay for groceries, gas, bills, etc. See if taking on this challenge opens your eyes to your spending and consumption habits and if you find yourself enjoying new hobbies other than shopping! Related: 10 Ways to Stop Emotional Spending. Try donating, tossing, or selling just one item a day for 30 days in a row. While this might not sound like it will make a huge impact to get rid of one thing at a time, just think about how at the end of the challenge, your home will be 30 items lighter than it was before you started.

Small changes have the potential to make a big impact, especially when it comes to decluttering! Related: Keep or Toss? Try spending a whole 30 days only using your phone for actual phone calls — no texting, no email, no internet, and no apps. See if making this change allows you to be more present and in the moment!

Related: Ways to Be Fully Present. I created the Simplify course to be a free resource to help you simplify your life in just 30 days. This course is designed to help you declutter your home, improve your relationship with technology, put an end to busyness, and assist you in managing your time wisely. Are you ready to take on a day challenge? Leave a comment below!

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These are all great ideas. I stopped exercising for a while and am starting up again. I do a little in the morning before work and then some more exercises in my apartment after work. Then, on the weekends when I have more time, I hit the gym. This is amazing!! Your blog has fantastic ideas and resources.

Thank you. Which may be true, taking all factors into account. Exercise for your mental health, for your physical fitness, for relaxation, to enjoy the outdoors, to feel strong, for your health, for your cardiovascular health… you get the picture.


Actually not all people exercise to lose weight. Some people do it for mental health and to get them going. If you are commenting from your own personal experience then I hope you understand that you cant work out one time and expect to lose all the weight over night. It takes time and patients.

I hope you have a wonderful of your day and may your family be blessed. Thank you for the ideas and resources! How did your day challenges end up going? All great positives for a better life! I have been clearing out the house in the pass several months and cannot believe how much stuff I actually have. Aw thank you so much Lisa! Shopping is actually stressful to me now, haha!

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  4. I love the idea of completing a 30 day challenge! I never thought of doing my own 30 day challenge, but that is a terrific idea!