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When her father is killed in a range war, she inherits his ranch. Alone now, and facing the responsibility of taking care of a large spread, she packs away her bloomers and corsets and wears tight jeans with a six-gun strapped to her hip. Again, companies and knowledge institutes from the Netherlands have much to offer.

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As personal contacts are very important in Brazil, I welcome the initiative of Bradutch to establish representative offices in various regions of the country. Knowing the local context and building a regional network of representatives from the private sector knowledge institutes and government, will help immensely in generating business leads. Doing business in Brazil is not always easy.

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To be successful, you need to invest in developing personal relationships and knowing the local customs. For entrepreneurs who are in for the long haul, this is a good moment for setting up business relations in Brazil. The bilateral chambers of commerce BraDutch and Dutcham, as well as the Dutch diplomatic network in Brazil, are ready to help you along. Feel free to contact us and find out the opportunities Brazil offers! Han Peters Ambassador to the Netherlands in Brazil. To be successful you need to invest in developing personal relationships and knowing the local customs.

The expansion of the Chamber also represents a growth in the potential of its exclusive Business Platform between Brazil and the Netherlands, which now counts on the support of professionals who already have experiences with the Dutch market operating directly from Brazil. In addition, the offices will also offer services such as events, participation in fairs, business rounds, business matchmaking, among others. The program will consist of lectures, seminars, workshops, among other activities, all with the aim of providing Brazilian entrepreneurs with all the necessary information for the entry of a foreign company into the Dutch market.

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Such visits have shown a common interest by the different States in approaching, and getting to know, the Dutch market and the opportunities available in the country. Obviously, the Netherlands represents an extremely important market not only in terms of logistics, but also in the sense of promoting Brazilian products in such a differentiated and international market, and this can be seen by the Brazilian companies already present in the Netherlands.

In this case, the opening of offices in Brazil is of extreme importance and represents more proximity of Brazilian companies to the Dutch market. Luciana Queiroz is a partner at Deffenti and Queiroz Advogados. She holds a Masters degree in three European countries: Spain, France and The Netherlands, where she also collaborated with a law firm, assisting the tax department in matters related to Latin America.

In this, role she can combine her practical experience in assisting clients in international. Centro, Rio de Janeiro — RJ, The opening of a Bradutch representation in Rio de Janeiro is of extreme importance, not only for the recognition of the local industry, but also for the prominence given to one of the largest economies in Brazil. It is an initiative that highlights the opportunities generated by thousands of companies. Rio de Janeiro and the Netherlands maintain a relevant and growing business movement.

In addition to the oil and gas industry and the naval sector, there is now a search for local partnerships with innovative companies linked to the circular economy. Zaroni is responsible for the international and corporate areas of Zaroni Advogados, and has been a lawyer since , always working in corporate law, legal departments of large corporate groups and large offices.

In addition, I will seek partnerships with the Dutch representatives, the Brazilian public authorities and entities representing the companies.

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Since , Bradutch has been assisting Brazilian companies wishing to operate in the Dutch market. It is, therefore, the centre of the most important political decisions of the country, including those that can directly affect foreign investments. Given its high purchasing power, Brasilia has become a gateway to the luxury market, especially regarding sophisticated products and high-end real estate. The economy is dominated by the services sector, especially in the areas of communications and finance.

The office will be led by Joyce Dias, a lawyer with more than 13 years of international experience and qualified in Brazil, Portugal and the Netherlands. International Law from the University of Cambridge. In , Joyce Dias founded her law firm in Amsterdam and, after returning to Brazil in , she has continued her practice in Brasilia where she mainly represents foreign clients doing business in Brazil. This representation is of strategic importance to promote investments between Brazil and the Netherlands, mainly through inter-governmental dialogue, which will therefore facilitate cooperation agreements between the two countries and the promotion of business.

When it comes to innovation, Santa Catarina has important clusters of technology. These characteristics find important synergies with the Netherlands and its innovation and logistic capacity. In addition, industrialization has advanced a lot, also with a focus on the agricultural area. In this way, companies with consolidated positions around the world are attracted to invest in Tocantins in this segment of industrialization. He is a Senior Consultant for more than twenty years in business and sales management, risk management and business continuity.

Neilton has business continuity projects for leading companies in Brazil and abroad. In addition, the office will also serve to provide businessmen in Tocantins with knowledge about the Dutch market, with details on its particularities and how to do business in the Netherlands. The first important point to take note is that, among the tax assessment systems established in Brazilian tax legislation, only companies taxed by the Actual Profit Lucro Real regime are authorized to establish companies abroad.

We will briefly present the key issues that must be considered in relation to the Brazilian rules of foreign-made profit and transfer prices so as to draw a design of an efficient structure from a tax perspective. The general rule of foreign earned profits established by Brazilian law requires that the positive result obtained individually by each company invested in after certain adjustments be automatically added to the basis of the calculation of the income tax of the parent company in the form of dividends to the latter, which is incorporated in Brazil, without there necessarily being the provision of profits.

Notwithstanding, these rules bring a series of conditional exceptions in order to mitigate the burden of automatic taxation that must be.

Among other conditions, the benefits available under Brazilian law cannot be applied to: - companies located in a country or a subsidiary with favored taxation, or that are beneficiaries of a privileged tax regime; or are subject to a sub-tax regime. It is important to highlight that the taxation of foreign profits is a complex issue full of questions, both on the judicial and administrative levels, of constitutionality and violation of treaties so as to avoid double taxation established between Brazilian and other jurisdictions.

Additionally, complying with the rules on taxation of foreign profits requires a detailed level of attention — this in terms of the information the taxpayer is obliged to submit to the Brazilian Federal Revenue Service in order to avoid fines and excessive interest applications. TRANSFER PRICES Transfer pricing rules were introduced in Brazil in with the purpose of establishing the maximum amount of deductible expense, and the minimum value of revenue that must be recognized in import and export operations of goods, rights and services between related parties, as well as the maximum amount of deductible interest and the minimum amount of interest income that must be recognized in loan transactions between related parties.

Brazilian Federal Revenue Service in order to avoid fines and disproportionate interest applications.

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TAKE AWAY Any Brazilian company intending to establish operations outside of the country, whether in the Netherlands or elsewhere, needs to develop adequate, efficient and properly supported tax planning in order to avoid an inept structure - from a tax perspective - and excessive tax burdens. In addition, Brazilian companies that have already established operations outside of the country must ensure they are complying with their tax obligations with accuracy. The OECD has transactional and nontransactional transfer pricing methods, requiring a broad economic analysis of the risks, functions and assets involved in the operations under analysis, so that the best method is applied to each situation.

The methods provided by Brazilian laws are strictly transactional, and generally follow predetermined formulas with the application of fixed profit margins. In this sense, in addition to the fact that there is no need for economic analysis under Brazilian law, the taxpayer can choose the method which best suits him. He is thus free to choose among the different methods provided for in the legislation regardless of the value of the fiscal adjustment obtained.

Nonetheless, the choice is restricted though only to commodity import or export transactions, in which case it is mandatory to apply a specific tax calculation method. Haan bdo. It is important to note that, the fact that a Brazilian company has a subsidiary incorporated in the Netherlands, this does not characterize the mandatory application of transfer pricing rules. It occurs only when there are import or export operations of goods, services or rights, or interest-bearing loans between the Brazilian parent company and its Dutch subsidiary.

Similar with the rules on taxation of foreign profit, compliance with transfer pricing rules requires a detailed level of attention in terms of the information the taxpayer is obliged to submit to the. Costa bdobrazil. The partnership, that involves institutional support, comes at a time when the company is expanding its business in the Brazilian market with the recent announcement of the inauguration of a new route between Amsterdam and Fortaleza, in Rio Grande do Norte.

The route will be part of the new HUB Nordeste that was announced at the end of last year, which starts operating from May 3rd, at the airport Pinto Martins, Fortaleza. During the event, the company raffled four tickets to Fortaleza among those present. The agreement, that allowed the companies to reach new markets, expanding connections between South America and Europe, provides even more comfort and a better travel experience to nearly , passengers transported through flights shared between companies in this period.

In , the connection traffic between the companies was three times higher compared to the beginning of the agreement. Where Bradutch is focusing on bringing Brazilian companies to Europe Amsterdam , KLM is always looking to sustainable and meaningful growth. In total, the agreement between the airlines already offers more than 39 cities in Brazil and South America and 64 European destinations. One of the main goals of the companies during the development of the project was to reduce the connection time in Fortaleza in order to optimize the time that the passenger spends in the airport and the time the flights take to reach the final destination.

For international travelers, there is the advantage of being able to reach Europe from Air France and return to Fortaleza from KLM, and vice versa.