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We have followers on Instagram! Thanks to everyone who has followed the account. On to 1k now! For the past week I have felt like finishing the moc. Expect a lot of WIP photos over the coming months.

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If you want to see my plans for the Build DM me. I will also be experimenting a lot over the next few months with snotwork etc. I am looking forward to showing you guys what I build over the coming months.

Again I am sorry to those for hyping the final showcase but I felt it would be better in the long run for me to properly build the moc and not care about timings. I hope you guys appreciate the photos. I have built more but I am not happy with those sections I have built.

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There will also be a update video on my YouTube channel very soon showing all the progress since the last update so stay tuned for that. Also gotta give credit to legospencer11 for a particular technique used in the latest addition to the SNOT floor. Week 1 techniquetuesday!

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Feel free to use these techniques and follow the builders who shared them. Note that each of these techniques were not made by the builders! Here are a few more pictures of my latest MOC! It was heavily requested to see a complete overview of the entire Moc! I was lucky to remember to take a quick overview shot before I took it down and parted it out! The angles and part usage in the moc is incredible. Good Job! We hope that these posts will be useful to our followers and help them improve as MOC Builders. Please feel free to give your thoughts on the idea and do share it out with other people within the LEGO community.

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Also note that you are able to join in this activity by using the hashtag techniquetuesdaymmblug and posting WIP images on Tuesdays! As a lug we cannot wait to see your WIP images and the techniques you use in your builds!


The Inferno squad is selected to lead a squad of stormtroopers to steal cargo from a small rebel camp on the outskirts of an imperial city on Ryloth Sooooooooo? This Moc definitely could have been better but any thoughts?? No spamming, no trolling. Kwombles' note: I wouldn't place Burd as the worst, personally It may be copied, forwarded, cited, circulated or posted elsewhere. The author requests only that it not be altered from its current form.

It is easily forgotten, in surveying the swamp of misinformation that is Age of Autism, that AoA is in all likelihood one of the better anti-vax sites. They have of late been inadvertently highlighting this by increasing use of Outside material. The second was that the smallest continent was not suffering from an H1N1 vaccine.

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On investigating the matter myself, I made surprising discoveries: First, Australia had developed an H1N1 vaccine as early as spring. Second, Australia's authorities reported fifty new, confirmed H1N1 deaths in one week. Based on these and other mind-boggling fictions, I roasted Burd so completely I suspected even AoA would not sink so low as to let him come back.

So, this time I will look at just one of his claims:.

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Three-quarters of these deaths had severe and chronic underlying health conditions, as did the mortality of a similar percentage of adults over Thus over the last four years Canada averaged but a single paediatric flu-associated death per year not having severe chronic health issues among its paediatric population of 7. In and , a total of five pediatrics deaths were reported. That adds up to 20 deaths, with ten occurring in the last year alone. Still more problematic is how much Burd makes of the role of other health conditions.

I will not presume to say what he thinks, but I will say what it sounds like.

This makes it sound like, perhaps, Burd thinks poor dead black bastards don't count! You even know that modern medicine can get rid of death from some diseases, but you just want to lay back and let people die, since you can't be bothered to get 2 small shots assuming no valid medical contraindications.

This seems to be a common pattern among many deniers. Deny the problem, deny the solution, and when you can't do that any more deny that anyone should do anything about the problem in the first place. This was directed against someone claiming that problems with measles were solved without vaccination.