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Museum and Botanic Gardens.

Months of the year in Italian - Free Online Italian Lessons

Museum of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg, Florida. Since she leads a busy teaching schedule, by organizing intensive stages and permanent courses on glass fusing techniques, both in Italy and abroad, including the following:.

New York: Landscapes and Depth. Bullseye Resource center. Bullseye resource center.

Landscapes and Depth in Fused Glass. Bullseye Resource Center.

Toto riina documentary

Corning, New York. The Studio, Master Class. Post-graduate courses. Telling time in Italian is really just a question of counting. Italy commonly uses a hour clock.

How to Say Dates and Times in Italian

When using a hour clock, just add 12 to every hour after noon, for example 6 p. When you want to know a specific time of day, you can ask Che ore sono?

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What time is it? When you get past the half hour, start going the other say the number of minutes until the next hour, for example, say meno un quarto a quarter to and meno dieci ten minutes to. In Italian, p. However, informally, it is usually written as 9, Notice that the colon has been replaced with a comma.

At what time does the hostel close?