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Like this: Like Loading Post to Cancel. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. How are wells made by Allah for the benefits of people while if you look inside them, you will belittle the amount of water they behold? The depth of some may not exceed a human's stature yet from one a farmer can water a large cultivated land.

He can water from it day and night without declination. Where do these wells attain water from to the extent that they are not drained? Aren't these significant manifestations of the oneness of God Almighty? Then, look at the massive mountains, who has heightened them up highly and rooted them down firmly? In some of them, he has made running springs, ripe fruits, wide gardens and huge numbers of trees. Some of these trees bear sweet fruits and some bitter fruits. Some of these trees are small and others are huge. Where do these trees get water from?

How do they survive and stretch their roots into rough stones? He has widen the earth to the extent that a traveller may spend days and nights crossing it without seeing a single human, a beast or a building. He has made the earth into sweet, salty, acid, dusty, hilly, and green parts.

Praise to the Lord, the Almighty (Nockels, Hymn with Lyrics, Contemporary)

Who has created the infinite number of trees so that some of them are even nameless? Some of these trees are sweet to be eaten by human and others are bitter. Some are small to be eaten by animals.

Some are large to be cut for animals and some are to shadow people. If we can't count some, how can we then count all? They are all made for the benefits of human being but we are ignorant of that.

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Allah hasn't created anything vainly. Allah has created on earth beasts, hyenas, dogs, foxes, elephants, tigers, lions and whatever lives upon the earth. Yet, he has made trees and plants for their benefits. He has bestowed upon them their livelihood without hardworking, trade or cultivation from their side. During the day, they graze from wherever they like and, at night, they sleep wherever they prefer.

Mary looked up. Some ragged shepherds had come in to see the babe. They said that they had seen some angels, heard their message. But there were no angels or messages for Mary. Hers was to be an adoration in naked faith. She would have to see but not understand. A woman of faith, her life and His wrapped in a mystery that would unfold slowly, bit by bit … until the cruelty of the Cross and the victory of an empty tomb. That baby is real, but seems ordinary, in every way. God, why did you choose me for all this?

How could I have doubted Mary, her innocence and purity? How did I ever think of setting her aside?

Contemplating Past Suicide Attempts When Faced With Loved One’s Death | The Mighty

Abandoning her to her fate? Thank you a hundred times for telling me: Do not be afraid to take Mary as your wife! That much I understood. I promise you that I will take care of Mary and the Baby even if it costs me my life. I will be a father to Him, to whatever extent I am capable of. Teach me how to do that.

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Guide me. Help me to love and protect Mary, Your chosen sinless one.