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He should be a main character, comfortable and familiar.

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Aug 01, Tommy rated it really liked it. A very fast read, and you get hooked quickly.

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I enjoyed this book. It would be perfect to take on a vacation to read in the car or on a plane, or while just laying on the beach. Dec 28, Krisi Keley rated it really liked it Shelves: christian-fiction , mystery-suspense , romance. She works from home, orders food in and rarely leaves the house, only in part due to her terrible phobia of riding in a car. It is also this faith that will give Bojan and Laney the strength necessary when they at last come face to face with the dangerous stalker who has been threatening Laney for a much longer time than she has even known to fear him.

View all 3 comments. Aug 02, Andi rated it it was amazing. What begins from there is a friendship that neither Boki nor Laney is expecting. He is in need of learning English and she is barely making ends meet.

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The friendship begins to take root. Both are surprised at the friendship that happens yet they are drawn to each other. They both have no idea that there are other forces at work drawing them together. This is a story filled with passion, edge which is what Michelle is known for; the spiritual element in the book is beautiful. This book is a beautiful depiction of the Salvation story.

I highly recommend it. Pick up a copy today! View 1 comment. Aug 01, Tarasview rated it really liked it Recommends it for: everyone.

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I found the storyline completely engaging and I read it front to back in a couple hours! Michelle Sutton did a wonderful job creating intriguing characters who deal with real life passions and fears. I always appreciate the honesty in Michelle's writing because it makes it easy to relate to the characters and their struggles. Danger at the Door is a perfect summer read and I definitely recommend it! Mar 17, Tracy Krauss rated it it was amazing. Little does she know, he is actually the owner of the restaurant, and through a series of events they strike up a friendship.

His foreign accent and miscues with the English language soon have him finding a place in her heart. However, unknown to either of them, a crazed stalker is out to get her, putting her life and their newfound love in jeopardy. I thought the author did a wonderful job with the Macedonian accent of the male lead. It came across as very authentic and added quite a bit of humor to a story that also had a lot of melancholy elements. As well, she knows how to make a romance sizzle without taking it into the realm of erotica.

I also thought the characters were well developed and believable, with just the right mix of emotion and reality. They were portrayed as real people who struggled with anger, desire, jealousy and a whole host of other feelings. I highly recommend this book. Readers will also be pleased to know that a sequel In Plain Sight carries on where this one leaves off. Jul 08, Carolyn rated it it was amazing.

Danger on the doors: Bodily risk in a demonised occupation

Talk about a very good read! I recently read a LI that was well written, but the suspense in it was just lame! Danger At The Door is not only good, but it is a real suspense story. Laney lives alone in Arizona, and she's afraid of leaving her house and getting into cars. Ever since her fiance died, she's just been rather reclusive. In the background of this story is the bad guy, who not only knows her, and has tried to hurt her before but killed her fiance-his cousin!

So, in comes the hero Bojan Talk about a very good read! So, in comes the hero Bojan. He is a Macedonian who is owns the restaurant Laney gets her food from. It's when she is bringing closure to the death of her late fiance, that she meets him. He is not the regular guy, and he gets her order all wrong, yet there are sparks there that cannot be ignored. I like how Bojan gets her to get past her fear of getting into cars.

He prays with her to get over her fears. The most comical parts of the book is when he gets his English wrong. Sometimes the misunderstanding is funny, other times serious as Laney thinks he was being rude to her. Bojan was a giving and great hero in the story who saves her in the end. Laney, when Bojan has to return home, forces herself not to be so afraid anymore and works on her fears and going back to church. There is nothing that I didn't like about this story. Read it if you don't like lame Love Inspired suspense novels.

Jul 09, Lezlie rated it liked it. It is in this state of doubt that a new person enters her life and an old enemy lurks in the shadows. The author characterizes the novel as "edgy Christian fiction," a relatively new term in that category. It is that if you are accustomed to novels that do not explore the sexual impulses and desires of its characters as the majority of Christian fiction does not but fails to make its case for a Christ-like life without becoming too preachy.

If that aspect had been more subtle, I would have probably given 4stars. I just could not suspend my disbelief for those characters to be so verbal about their faith. Most people who are living that kind of life do not speak of it so much Otherwise, I really liked the story. Jan 19, Lisa rated it really liked it Shelves: inspirational-novels.

This was my first Michelle Sutton book, and it won't be my last! Michelle makes a creepy situation into a romance with a natural ease. Her characters make me feel as though I've come to meet them. I've experienced agoraphobia and been treated for it, so I understand Laney's reluctance to wander too far outside the house; even using spiders for an excuse. I'm not much of a pet person, either, but Michelle used the pets in this story to move along the action and unite the characters in a special w This was my first Michelle Sutton book, and it won't be my last!

I'm not much of a pet person, either, but Michelle used the pets in this story to move along the action and unite the characters in a special way that would have been phony otherwise. Read the book to find out what kind of pets the couple had. I also enjoyed her Greek characterization and appreciate the depth of research she did to allow me to understand her hero's personality.

Danger at the Door was fun. I read it in pdf form from the publisher and was comfortable with the format. Aug 24, Jeannie rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites.

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Once again another great read from Michelle. She did not disappoint.

She's a talented writer and has the gift of drawing the reader in. You become invested in the characters. She had both suspense and romance. Two things I love in a book. Would highly recomend Danger at the Door to any of my friends. Dec 02, Dawn Turner rated it it was amazing Shelves: christian , contemporary , romance , suspense.

You just gotta love language barriers. They create such goofy situations sometimes. And what's not to love about Bojan? So sweet. Jul 29, Valerie Strawmier rated it it was amazing. This book has all the excitement, suspense and action you're looking for with a love story as well, and it's something you won't put down once you start--I loved it!

Michelle has taken a faith-based story to a new level and I look forward to reading more! Jan 19, Barbara rated it it was amazing. Michelle Sutton can write. Loved this book. May 30, Nicole Dunlap rated it really liked it. I wrote the story, so of course I'd love it. Lisa rated it it was ok Jul 28, Bookin rated it it was amazing Jun 27, The latter was not a rosary, police said.

A demonic figure was drawn in the street nearby and "" was scrawled on the front step, the inspector said. Writings in reference to St. Mary Magdalene and two photographs of the saint taken from a book were also nearby with three stones placed on top of one of the images, Colarulo said.