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The enemies outside and within are having a fun time.

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At last, a way to create a wedge between the two leaders. Some puppet masters behind the scenes somewhere are having a gleeful time that the plots and sub-plots to the drama are now unfolding according to script. Many other fringe players are also jumping onto the bandwagon as they try to complete their respective sinister agendas.

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Yes, that is how it will shape out to be if Anwar and Azmin were to allow the destructive and dark forces to hold sway on events and developments. But it should not be that way. Under no circumstances should Anwar and Azmin allow a very close, personal relationship and a political crusade between them that spanned a period of more than 40 years to flounder on a slight misunderstanding, misapprehension or injured feelings.

Anwar has said that he remains steadfast in his stand that the police should complete their investigations and that nobody should pressure Azmin to resign or take leave. So there is no need for Anwar or Azmin and their supporters to cause further strain on both leaders and the party. Now is the time for cool heads to work together and protect the larger interest of the party. Azmin remained close to Anwar after the dismissal, both founding the party that is now known as PKR.

Both have gone through trials and tribulations together, facing the oppressive political prosecution and persecution under successive prime ministers — Mahathir, Abdullah Badawi and Najib Razak. They had to suffer anguish and humiliation when their personal and family lives were brought under close scrutiny, with lies, slander and deceit spilled all over the media and in court. There is no denying that Azmin was destined for bigger things.

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He got elected as a state assemblyman, then as MP, later becoming the menteri besar of Selangor, and now as the powerful economic affairs minister. Despite conspiracy theories surrounding his sudden elevation, including suggestions that he is being groomed as the next PM, it is well known that Anwar would be the one to succeed Mahathir after he calls it a day. In my reckoning, next to Muhyiddin Yasin as a deputy PM under the power-sharing equation within PH, Azmin is the next key figure that comes to mind.

We know too well that Anwar has always been protective of Azmin. Too violent, too soft, too nationalistic, too unpatriotic — is pro football in trouble?

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Not anymore. Meantime, the N. Leibovich starts at the top. An effective N. First, manage the needs of the billionaire team owners, which the current commissioner, Roger Goodell, does quite nicely.

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Second, protect the league from serious scandals and lesser embarrassments, which he seems unable to master. There is risk in sitting on the couch. Moreover, Leibovich says, they speak to a problem that continues to dog the unscripted Goodell, as when he credited the players for getting arrested less frequently in than in previous years.

Who would even think to touch the subject, much less praise those lucky enough to avoid jail? Fans now spend months anticipating the once mundane N. Join a fantasy league on NFL. It is, I admit, very easy to lapse into over-dramatic statements about violence in the street — as one anonymous cabinet minister did — but we are in worrying times, as MPs and High Court judges become the focus of public outrage.

They need defending first, because in my experience of Westminster, the overwhelming majority of MPs from all parties are hard-working and sincere in doing what they think is best for the country. They might get things wrong, occasionally act badly and make fools of themselves but few, very few, are malevolent. Second, because after almost 50 years, the actual process of disentangling ourselves from a highly integrated union of 27 other countries is extraordinary complicated. The failure of our politicians, particularly Remain campaigners, to make this point clearly during the referendum campaign was a major shortcoming and is one of the main reasons why the public is now so frustrated.

Many of those MPs who have been trying to out-manoeuvre the Government in Parliament have been doing it not because they are trying to block Brexit altogether — although admittedly there are those who are — but because they realise how disastrous it would be for us to leave this complicated relationship with nothing in its place. Mrs May also has to carry her share of the blame. When she took over from David Cameron and embarked on the Brexit negotiations, given the closeness of the referendum vote and the subsequent general election, she should have reached out to the other parties to try and fashion an approach to Brussels that would command support across the House.

Instead, dependent as she was on the votes of the DUP to stay in power, she turned to the extreme right of the Conservative party, the European Research Group, and sought to appease them at every turn. When finally she did turn to the other parties, Labour in particular, she had locked herself in so tightly to her narrow negotiating position, her so-called red lines, that she had nothing to offer them.

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There has also been a failure by much of the national press to explain just how complicated the negotiations would turn out to be. A major side-effect of this whole farrago might well be that the peoples of Northern Ireland and Scotland come to decide that there is a better future for them inside the European Union rather than inside the United Kingdom. So where do we go from here, how does a government that has, frankly, expressed little interest in bringing the country together again, set about this task? Our local Hove MP Peter Kyle, along with a colleague Phil Wilson, has come up with what I think is an ingenious way forward, and one that should satisfy all but the most hard-line Leavers and Remainers.

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