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Like all superlative science fiction, its real subject is that most mystifying of alien species, humanity. By the time the novel reaches its cleareyed climax, cleverly undercutting its own promised happy ending, the reader is left with the impression of a work that hums with human life.

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The result is a novel that crackles with energy and makes you hold on until the final page. Arthur sets out on a quest to uncover the provenance of the charms. With the help of his adult children and a meddlesome neighbor, Bernadette, Arthur realizes that what their life lacked in adventure was made up for in abiding love.

Readers will find bumbling, earnest Arthur utterly endearing. Newly diagnosed with a severe mental illness after a psychotic break, Vera is now heavily medicated and deeply depressed. Hoping to snap her out of the funk, Lucas takes her on a guided tour of his ancestral town in Lithuania. But while the truth seems elusive, being father and friend to a scared teenager proves harder than he imagined, and Vera has her own questions about his role in her life.

A former cigar-factory lector a reader-out-loud of fiction into which she surreptitiously weaves her own stories , Maria Sirena entertains her fellow refugees with personal and richly imagined stories that will remind delighted readers of everything from Chaucer to Garcia Marquez. Her life story and that of her mother, including their time spent with the insurgents and in a reconcentrado during the s, becomes a stunning confession.

This is an unsparing book, and one that sings. The dialogue is snappy and entirely believable. There are twists and turns galore and enough heroes to populate a war movie. If you only read one crime novel this year, make it this one. You will be entirely entertained. In , Sara de Vos is the first woman to be admitted as a master painter to the Guild of St.

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Now, her only surviving painting belongs to a wealthy descendant of the original owner, though it was forged by celebrated art historian Ellie Shipley in her desperate youth, when she needed to pay the rent. Tagg From the Start fashions another endearing, pithy story of finding love at the perfect time. This brave little dachshund will capture your heart, as will her prickly, tenderhearted, and irresistible owner. Tanner From Animal House to Our House, , who lived in the Marshall Islands and launched the Marshall Islands Story Project, brings this microcosm of human folly and valor to captivating realization with bracing insights, tangy humor, profound respect, and rebounding resonance.

Emily Morris answers that question in the most extreme way possible. However, as she learns, such a selfish, desperate act rarely leaves the actor truly free, especially when there is a child involved. What does it take to care for someone who is chronically ill? What does it mean to love yourself? Spanner, Alison D. Eventually, Majority and Solemn are forced to make a decision together about which directions to take in their respective lives.

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This standout novel is anchored by its vulnerable and brave heroine. The short stories in Some Possible Solutions feature doppelgangers and sister-savants, impossible staircases and surreal city parks; they swing open like doors onto rich, strange worlds, which, on closer inspection, reveal themselves to be our own…These tales are true originals, shining their eerie, lovely lights on the water and asking questions that linger. Constable Maeve Kerrigan…. Uncertain whether the fire is arson, Maeve and her colleagues, including her rough-edged former partner, Det.

Maeve and her team succeed in identifying a number of suspects capable of criminal acts. Meanwhile, Maeve is battling health problems resulting from job stress and avoiding a rapist who has been following her for years. Well-drawn characters and engaging subplots compliment the intricate main investigation. Casey keeps the suspense high throughout. Foley is leading an irrigation project in western China when a worker collapses with symptoms that look like Ebola.

At a local hospital, the victim and Foley are treated as if they were living biohazards, and the government rushes Chen Dazhong, a representative of the Chinese version of the CDC, to the scene from Beijing. Henderson expects her to win and hopes that she will name him as her running mate.

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Sandford reveals the plans of the would-be assassins, Marlys Purdy and her son, Cole, from the opening chapter, and the plot follows a familiar path toward the dramatic resolution that suggests a new direction for the long-running series. Readers who are looking for yet another assassination thriller that paints within the lines will be satisfied.. Focusing on both a family and a single location throughout time makes for a compelling and emotionally worthwhile novel. Beverly-Whittemore returns with another charming page-turner, this time marrying old Hollywood elegance to Midwestern practicality… A lightly gothic tale of hearts broken and mended in small-town America.

Amos is especially curious about Melvin Mars, convicted of the murders of his own parents two decades ago and who now might be set free because someone else has suddenly confessed to the killings. But is the confession legit? Is Mars a wrongly convicted man, or a murderer whom someone, for some reason, wants back on the streets?

The story might be a bit more convoluted than it needs to be, but the characters are solid, and Decker moves from an interesting one-off protagonist to an engaging and multilayered series lead. Keane investigates anyway, and soon the killer seems fixated on Keane, taunting him, then beginning to threaten the women closest to Keane, including high-powered Washington, D.

Deeply rooted in Hidden Springs, Kentucky, Keane is a decent, hardworking deputy who hopes he can persuade the ambitious Alex to join him in his charming village, far from the Beltway. Well-drawn, sometimes-quirky characters and the charming frame of small-town America add to this page-turning mystery chock-full of plot twists. Alter Egos will make a signal contribution to the national debate over who should be the next American president.

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Wulf does much to revive our appreciation of this ecological visionary through her lively, impressively researched account of his travels and exploits, reminding us of the lasting influence of his primary insight: that the Earth is a single, interconnected organism, one that can be catastrophically damaged by our own destructive actions. Martin Luther King, Jr. Board of Education, placed him at the epicenter of this crusade for justice.

And what a fight it was. A richly textured account that brings to life the political and cultural stakes involved. The story is well paced, managing not only to keep readers hooked, but also second guessing everything they think they know.

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Sands integrates a series of fun and interesting riddles and codes with chemistry concepts—no easy feat. The ending is dynamic and rewarding, with just the right blend of the fantastical and realistic. The Wollstonecraft Detective Agency was supposed to be a secret constabulary, but after the success of their first case, all of London knows that Lady Ada and Mary are the girls to go to if you have a problem.

Their new case is a puzzle indeed. It involves a horrible hospital, a missing will, a hasty engagement, and a suspiciously slippery servant. But Marys stumbled onto a mystery of her own. She spotted a ghostly girl in a grey gown dashing through the park. A girl who is the spitting image of their new client. The two cases must be linked. Weird creatures are appearing in unexpected places, and the demigods and magicians have to team up to take them down.

As they battle with Celestial Bronze and glowing hieroglyphs, the four heroes find that they have a lot in common—and more power than they ever thought possible. But will their combined forces be enough to foil an ancient enemy who is mixing Greek and Egyptian incantations for an evil purpose? Rick Riordan wields his usual storytelling magic in this adrenaline-fueled adventure.

In January , she moves from California to the frosty Vermont town of Hillsborough, an unwelcoming place. The farmer next door is always rude, and Mimi is teased at school. When Mimi and Stacey decide to challenge the exclusion of girls from shop classes, their courage inspires the entire eighth grade to an act of civil disobedience.

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Told in evocative free verse, Full Cicada Moon is a lyrical portrait of a strong family at a time of immense change, perfect for that budding scientist who loves to look at the stars. They miss his stories, especially the fairy tales he used to teach them about life, as well as soothe their fears. They know better now: life rarely has a happy ending. But then a magic book from their grandmother, a gift on their twelfth birthdays, sends the twins hurtling into the Land of Stories, where happy endings are usually expected.

Their biggest concern is gathering the materials needed for the Wishing Spell, which will send them back home. Golden Globe—winner Colfer writes for an audience that will likely include plenty of teen readers i. He disapproved of the relative sparseness of detail in the comparable allegorical fantasy his friend C. Lewis dreamed up in the Chronicles of Narnia, though he knew Lewis had spun a page-turning yarn. It has been estimated that one-tenth of all paperbacks sold can trace their ancestry to J.

When life gets unbearable, Gerta, now twelve, and Fritz try to tunnel their way to the West. One frightening night Stella and her brother Jojo witness a meeting of the Ku Klux Klan, practically in their own backyard. This meeting is the signal of trouble to come to the black community of Bumblebee. The townspeople must come together to find strength and protection to face the injustices all around them. This is an engrossing historical fiction novel with an amiable and humble heroine who does not recognize her own bravery or the power of her words.

She provides inspiration not only to her fellow characters but also to readers who will relate to her and her situation. Storytelling at its finest. Most people in the town spend their days searching through the landfill for things that can be sold, and Ada is no different, until the day a man named Favio Chavez offers to start teaching music classes to the children of the neighborhood.

Ada chooses a violin, and the hodgepodge group of kids slowly becomes an orchestra, eventually gaining confidence and fame, touring around the world. The mixed-media collages are a particular effective medium for this true story, layering images of Ada and the orchestra over the landfill. The nuances of the subject may strike a stronger chord with adults rather than children, but the interesting visuals and the underlying message of hope and perseverance should help this find an audience.

She is the new girl at Berrybrook Middle School and is having a hard time fitting in because of her struggles with social anxiety. The work opens with the young teen pushing away the first person who tries to help her, Jaime, and it only gets more awkward from there. Can the two groups stop fighting long enough to earn a spot in the school fair? Will Peppi overcome her social anxiety and apologize to Jaime?