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His fascination extends especially to theEater of Glass, a member of the gypsy caravan that, in , still traversesthe Slovak village where Josef and his mother live. As the fellow poet Andre Roy says in his introductory note a poem in itself, capturing Daoust precisely , Jean-Paul Daoust "somersaults so he wont get dizzy;" he is "flammable Likewise Time Puddles, which is unfortunately more often at its worst than its best.

When a series of grisly murders occurs, the modus operandi of which is craniotomy, a smart but emotionally vulnerable Black female Los Angeles detective gets involved in the investigation. Mayhem by J. Jun Brief Reviews - Non-Fiction by Pat Barclay The attractive watercolours and sketches by Tony and Marsh Urquhart improve the situation, but in a book of family gossip, anecdotes, and name-dropping, what the reader really wants to look at is photographs. Body Rites by A. Little Bird by D. Mortal Remains by P.

Nov Under the Bridge by F. Nov Brief Reviews - Non-fiction by Helen Porter The stories are presented in the original Cree with English translations on facing pages, and also in Cree syllabics. The result is a valuable addition to Canadian literature. Mar Raddall by Allab R.

Book awards: Lambda Literary Award Nominee

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  • Book awards: Lambda Literary Award Nominee.
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  • Jones had a reputation in Toronto as an angry young poet and alcoholic. But, after staying sober for eight years, Jones was shedding that notorious persona. JunJulAug Altered Statements by Marion A. The Floating Garden by D. McCling, Marilyn I. Davis, Marilyn I. Do Conventions Matter? Whose Historical Jesus? Would You Believe? Theodore Roszak is a professor of history best known for his youth-oriented book, Read more Flesh So Close by K. She gives us fifteen stories, as well crafted and succinct as the cruelties Read more NovDec Brief Reviews by Alana Wilcox The act of writing is an attempt to find a home in language, to settle its inherent restlessness by cementing a sequence of words.

    NovDec Brief Reviews by Keith Garebian In the summer of , Timothy Findley and his companion, William Whitehead, were romantics who believed that a tumbledown, vacant, nineteenth-century farmhouse on fifty acres of land just outside Cannington, Ontario could be turned into a home, workplace Read more NovDec Brief Reviews by Keith Nickson Sharon Butala has published a steady stream of stories and novels since when her very first collection, Queen of the Headaches, was shortlisted for the Governor General's Award.

    She was a serious, mid-list writer with a modest profile Read more The Moccasin Maker by E.

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    Pauline Johnson, A. LaVonne Ruoff, A. An Evening with W. Digressions of Naked Party Girl by S. May Brief Reviews - Medicine by Jeanette Bayduza To explain the complex subject of the cause of cancer in comprehensible terms to those not involved in this type of science is the purpose of Robert A. Practitioners are roused from sleepwalking practice. Both meet in the realm of building and engage with objects.

    But we can't let Bob go without giving his many fans and students a chance to show him how much they have been paying attention. Accordingly, we are asking readers to submit candidates for the Bob Blackburn Memorial Sentence. They are also connected by an emotional landscape in which silence is never really silent.

    Through a series of delicately rendered adventures and narrow escapes, girls and women experience the ambiguities of life, other people, and themselves. Night Street Repairs by A. AprMay Sep A Review of: Wanting the Day: Selected Poems by Mark Callanan To my great embarrassment, aside from the occasional poem in literary journals, and possibly a collection along the way during my undergraduate days, I have not truly read Brian Bartlett. As a result, I approach Wanting the Day as if it were a keyhole to the door I've never taken the time to open.