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Environmental destruction weakens states.

These weak states become fragile states. Socialism, communism, democracy or monarchy? What is going to work best for a planet in trouble? What works best, plain and simple, is political action. As a young man I spent a lot of time with Marxist groups, shouting Marxist slogans. I remember a friend and mentor reminding me that what the people want are concrete things — things like healthcare, jobs, housing.

So the focus needs to be on leadership and action. Such leadership must be non-corrupt, be committed to development for the people not just the elite and it must recognise that it is impossible to improve the lot of people through the destruction of the environment. This needs to be done irrespective of the rationale and justifications put forward by advisors, who often work at the behest of special interests with an eye on profit, not the security and well-being of planet Earth.

Well every country is key, but if India and China take the right steps it will not only secure the lives of their own citizens, but set a global example for other nations, including the G7 countries, to emulate. After all, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi won freedom for India by setting the right example: non-violence and self-reliance. India will implement the Agreement in letter and spirit. Maharashtra, in particular, seems to be setting the pace for higher biodiversity protection standards, if its efforts on the tiger front are anything to go by. Most importantly, this idea touches on the key issue of poverty.

3 Bargaining Tips From a Champion Negotiator

Why must farmers who feed the world be forced to confront poverty? We have it in our power to guarantee this. Whether we have the wisdom and determination… only time will tell. Undoubtedly an optimist. It may sound counter-intuitive to the young, but we are living at the best time in human history. Poverty is still widespread, but it is probably at its lowest ever. Life expectancy has risen to 70… up from 46 half-a-century ago. Polio has been eradicated from India. Still, the world is very different depending on whether you are from Shanghai, Mumbai or Allepo.

How would you like to be remembered? And if you had a magic wand what would you do for generations unborn? Not just because I have four wonderful children, but because of all the children of the world, I would like to be remembered most as one who tried to lift people from poverty and who spent his life working to leave this a better, safer planet. Photo: Ragnhild H.

Students compete in FIU Law’s Negotiation Team’s 12th Annual Intramural Negotiation Competition

Simenstad, Utenriksdepartementet. And the unfolding Syrian tragedy? Photo: Anders Vethe, Utenriksdepartementet. Job creation? Fighting terrorism? Do elucidate? Photo Courtesy: Utenriksdepartementet UD. And which countries do you feel are key to our climate future? At this point in history, I would say both India and China. Not the United States? Well you certainly know India better than most. I hear you, Erik. Drafting as well as negotiating contracts happen to be very rewarding legal work, both in terms of earning potential, efforts involved and career opportunities available to those who are good at it.

However, a large number of Indian lawyers have poor drafting skills. Many Indian lawyers never receive proper training in contract drafting, and no training at all when it comes to contract negotiation. They learn these skills if at all on the fly, trying to handle client matters when they land up on their plate, and learn through trial and error if they have good seniors to review and give feedback their work.

As a result, a large majority of lawyers who claim to be able to draft contracts for their clients are often just borrowing a template from a colleague and changing a few details. This kind of disaster takes a long time to be discovered, but completely ruins the credibility of lawyers. On the other hand, a good lawyer with the right skills will be guiding the clients through several stages like identification of commercial interests, best practices in the industry, several rounds of drafting and review, negotiation with the other side, and even execution and contract management.

Contract drafting as well as contract negotiation is a highly rewarding and profitable part of any legal practice. Both individual lawyers and organized law firms tend to do make a significant portion of their revenue from contract drafting, and it is usually a highly reliable and profitable revenue stream. Compared to many other areas of work which are unpredictable in terms of investment of time as well as effort, contract drafting and negotiation is a more predictable process and margins are usually high. The best part is that even young lawyers can earn a good living from contract drafting.

Many young litigators who are working hard at making a name in the court as arguing counsel, makes comparatively very less money from the litigation side of their practice. However, contract drafting on the sidelines helps to pay the bills. Many lawyers with fledgling practices also hire juniors to do contract drafting if they are able to source enough drafting work to bolster the revenues of their practice.

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Hence, having good contract drafting skills and negotiation ability is critical to doing well in big law firms, especially in the transactional practice areas which are usually more lucrative. Many big law firms pay less to litigation associates or IP law associates especially at the entry level as opposed to those handling transactions. There is no doubt that a lawyer, unless already very successful and established, tremendously benefits from systematically learning contract drafting and negotiation.

Most law colleges have elaborate courses on contract law, but all they teach is the Indian Contract Act and case law regarding the act. This is what the BCI mandates law schools to teach as well.

Real Estate Negotiation Expert (RENE) Certification | Champions School of Real Estate

However, contract drafting is very different. For that, an entirely different set of training is required. Although some law colleges are supposed to have clinical training where contract drafting is supposed to be taught. In reality, there is not sufficient time, effort or resources given to it. As a result, graduates have next to nil contract drafting abilities or have to learn it themselves to an extent when they begin practice. We created a comprehensive course on drafting and negotiating commercial contracts with expertise from top lawyers with cutting edge experience of drafting and negotiating high value commercial contracts in big law firms and private practice.

The classes are held after working hours so that lawyers and working professionals can easily attend. Plus, you can attend classes from your mobile using an app. Can it get any easier? With this course, you can turn your unproductive time into productive.

Champion negotiator talks the talk in new book.

You can pull out your mobile and start studying while waiting in a queue, or traveling by a bus or cab or even a flight. You can download the material inside the app ahead of time and study while you have no internet connection as well. You can log into the course from anywhere anytime and study the best material available to learn contract drafting and negotiation with respect to major commercial contracts and learn from successful lawyers who can teach you best practices from around the world. Most of our students who learn contract drafting are practicing lawyers and in-house counsels.

Practicing Lawyers can benefit from the course by refreshing their knowledge on drafting and negotiation and practicing drafting of various types of commercial agreements. While you may be already drafting many agreements, the course will give you an opportunity to upgrade your skills in this area. Any creases will likely be ironed out and missing components will be worked upon with the help of regular exercises and feedback from our experts.

You can expect to handle your clients better and deliver more value to them after you complete the course. You will be able to connect what you learn in college about contract law with the real work contract drafting and negotiation work that lawyers do. This is extremely valuable from the point of view of doing well in internships, cracking interviews and bagging lucrative jobs as having good skills in contract drafting and negotiation will make you employable and set you apart from your classmates.

You will notice that the kind of work you will get in your internships after doing this course will drastically change as lawyers realise that you can help them with much more than just proof-reading and basic research. Perhaps, you can even begin to earn on the side even before your college is over. Why not, if you have got the skills?

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