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This phase executes callbacks for some system operations such as types of TCP errors. This will be queued to execute in the pending callbacks phase. When the event loop enters the poll phase and there are no timers scheduled , one of two things will happen:.

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If the poll queue is not empty , the event loop will iterate through its queue of callbacks executing them synchronously until either the queue has been exhausted, or the system-dependent hard limit is reached. If the poll queue is empty , one of two more things will happen:. If scripts have been scheduled by setImmediate , the event loop will end the poll phase and continue to the check phase to execute those scheduled scripts. If scripts have not been scheduled by setImmediate , the event loop will wait for callbacks to be added to the queue, then execute them immediately.

Once the poll queue is empty the event loop will check for timers whose time thresholds have been reached. If one or more timers are ready, the event loop will wrap back to the timers phase to execute those timers' callbacks. This phase allows a person to execute callbacks immediately after the poll phase has completed. If the poll phase becomes idle and scripts have been queued with setImmediate , the event loop may continue to the check phase rather than waiting. It uses a libuv API that schedules callbacks to execute after the poll phase has completed.

Generally, as the code is executed, the event loop will eventually hit the poll phase where it will wait for an incoming connection, request, etc. However, if a callback has been scheduled with setImmediate and the poll phase becomes idle, it will end and continue to the check phase rather than waiting for poll events. If a socket or handle is closed abruptly e. Otherwise it will be emitted via process. The order in which the timers are executed will vary depending on the context in which they are called. If both are called from within the main module, then timing will be bound by the performance of the process which can be impacted by other applications running on the machine.

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You may have noticed that process. This is because process. Instead, the nextTickQueue will be processed after the current operation is completed, regardless of the current phase of the event loop. Looking back at our diagram, any time you call process. Why would something like this be included in Node. Part of it is a design philosophy where an API should always be asynchronous even where it doesn't have to be.

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Take this code snippet for example:. The snippet does an argument check and if it's not correct, it will pass the error to the callback. The API updated fairly recently to allow passing arguments to process. What we're doing is passing an error back to the user but only after we have allowed the rest of the user's code to execute. By using process. To achieve this, the JS call stack is allowed to unwind then immediately execute the provided callback which allows a person to make recursive calls to process.

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This philosophy can lead to some potentially problematic situations. Take this snippet for example:. The user defines someAsyncApiCall to have an asynchronous signature, but it actually operates synchronously. When it is called, the callback provided to someAsyncApiCall is called in the same phase of the event loop because someAsyncApiCall doesn't actually do anything asynchronously.

As a result, the callback tries to reference bar even though it may not have that variable in scope yet, because the script has not been able to run to completion.

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  7. By placing the callback in a process. It also has the advantage of not allowing the event loop to continue.

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    It may be useful for the user to be alerted to an error before the event loop is allowed to continue. Here is the previous example using process. When only a port is passed, the port is bound immediately.

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    So, the 'listening' callback could be called immediately. The problem is that the. To get around this, the 'listening' event is queued in a nextTick to allow the script to run to completion. This allows the user to set any event handlers they want. In essence, the names should be swapped. Think Live Work Play. Video Slideshow Audio Twinterview. By Peter Griffin. Email Address. Thank you for your comment, we value your opinion and the time you took to write to us! The metaphysics of Kylie cosmetics being sold to Coty.

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