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What makes Lord of Garbage intriguing is that although packed with rock heritage and pedigree it is short on lengthy anecdote, and reading it feels like reading the transcript of a stream-of-consciousness outpouring you were once on the receiving end of after being cornered by our hero in a downtown bar.

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It is this lack of gory detail that fires the imagination like a horror movie that relies on glimpse and shadow rather than buckets of blood. Unlike some, Mr Fowley is not particularly interested in basking in past tawdry glory.

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  • And to quote the last four lines of Lord of Garbage. Just buy it and read for yourself. Home Books Blog Events. Pyro is the host of Intoxica Radio on LuxuriaMusic. Fowley's music on each episode of his popular radio program.

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    Kim's Lord of Garbage is the first of three volumes of his autobiographical writings, presented as "hip pocket paperbacks". The second volume, Planet Pain , is due from Kicks books in Spring Featuring Dancing Girls and Mr. Meet the author, director and producer "in the flesh". From the domestic to the exotic, Tony has managed to capture the playful, loving and intimate relationship between these sizzling pin-ups and their creatures.

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      Farewell Kim Fowley: The Lord of Garbage Passed Away Aged 75

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