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His client has been sent a proposition by British gambler Major Montgomery, asking her to place bets on horse races on his behalf. Holmes comes under attack when he breaks into the premises where the Comtesse has been sending her money, but his assailants are not who he expected them to be. Mycroft arranges an interview with Superintendent Williamson, and tells Holmes about the City of Paris Loan fraud and the suspected involvement of Scotland Yard officers.

Holmes asks for Lestrade to work with him in uncovering the conspiracy. He has also recently taken to wearing gloves for the majority of the time. Holmes and Watson travel to Priorsfield where Holmes examines fingerprints on the piano keyboard and a bonbon dish he believes contained poison. He learns of Savile's trip to Venice with Lord Surbiton, and Lady Clementina Beauchamp's death, but an autopsy reveals no trace of the poison in her body.

A few months later they are visited by archdeacon Percy , who has been sent an exploding clock. Blagdon arrives shortly after and asks them to take up the Savile case again. Holmes believes that Savile is involved in cheiromancy. Blagdon tells him of a party given by the Duchess of Paisley at which Savile had his palms read by Septimus Podgers.

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Holmes and Watson attend Parliament where Savile is due to speak on an act targeted at fortune tellers. They resolve to keep watch on Savile, but another death occurs to end the case.

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Holmes sends details of Rawdon Moran's career, which closely resembles that of his brother Sebastian, to Sir Melville Macnaghten. After qualifying as a military surgeon, Watson stops briefly in Cape Town en route to Afghanistan.

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He lives through the Battle of Maiwand and returns to England, where he is introduced to Holmes. Watson receives a press clipping through the post, about the death of Captain Carey in India. Its sender, Reverend Dordona, calls at Baker Street, and tells Holmes and Watson of Carey's last hours, and his account of the death of Prince Louis Napoleon in Natal, and of a horseman, seen observing the killing from a kraal above. An early arrival at their assigned meeting with Dordona, the following day, reveals Lestrade in the midst of a murder investigation.

Watson recognises the dead man from his time in India. An unpleasant surprise appears in Watson's bedroom. Mycroft reveals more background to the case and its links to the illegal arms trade to Africa. The case culminates aboard a cross-channel paddle-steamer, with Holmes and Watson attempting to prevent an attack on the heir to the French throne. Watson spends weeks searching for him. Holmes realises he is in Newgate Prison, and begins battling the drugs he is given and planning an escape.

After his escape he communicates with Watson through coded messages in the press, and with the aid of Jabez Wilson, to finish off the rest of the gang. His client, Lord Adolphus Longstaffe, herald to the Prince of Wales is owner of the ceremonial Queen of the Night diamond, to be worn at the upcoming Coronation.

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Holder has learned that a copy has been commissioned and fears that a theft is planned. Holmes reveals that he is already aware of this, and later tells Watson of Colonel Moriarty's involvement, and the role of Moriarty family history in the plot. Mycroft and Lestrade call on Holmes to protect the Crown Jewels during the Coronation, but he refuses. Later he condescends to view the route of the Coronation procession, and rooms at the Mansion House where the Lord Mayor's luncheon will be held some days after the main event. Holmes deduces that Moriarty will make his move at the luncheon, and makes arrangements with Jago to prevent the theft, but all does not go according to plan and a chase across London ensues.

Click on these links for publication details of editions used for indexing: short stories novels children's stories. Smith after he accidentally kills a man in Liverpool. Over the ensuing years, Smith sends Holmes a number of cases. The brothers are keepers of the lighthouse beacon on the river estuary at Sutton Cross on the Wash. Their disappearance was discovered when the light failed. The Rector and Sexton of Sutton Cross had noticed two men figting on the mud-flats as the tide was coming in.

Holmes examines the pebble, waking the house with the screams of his grinding wheel, and identifies it as a sapphire. They travel to Lincolnshire and interview the rector, a university contemporary of Mycroft's.

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Holmes makes a connection between the events in Lincolnshire and those in a play by Shakespeare. They examine the beacon, and witness the discovery of the body of one of the brothers. In the evening they venture onto the mud-flats to view the site of the brothers' argument, and their lives are put in danger by the incoming tide, a danger that helps them deduce the fate of the other brother, and locate the source of the argument.

Holmes again interviews the rector, to learn more about local history. They visit Miss Chastelnau, and Holmes disproves Watson's theory and reveals the truth, and the nature of the "King's Evil" that afflicted Abraham Chastelnau.

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He had apparently been poisoned during the final scene of Hamlet , and died, locked in his dressing room, before the final curtain call. Cigar ashes and a puzzle on a torn piece of newspaper provide clues, but Holmes's client, Jenks, seems intent on convicting himself of the murder. Holmes's solution involving an unlatched theatre door, presented to Hopkins and Bradstreet, skirts around the truth.

He has been identified as the last person seen with Wright, and his bicycle, and a gun holster and ammunition have been found in a canal. Holmes and Watson travel to Leicestershire to examine the scene of the crime. Holmes presents his findings to Marshall Hall, and he and Watson attend the trial at Leicester Castle courtroom. The Famous Cases of Dr. The Adventures of Dr. Thorndyke's Case-Book a. File No. Lord Bellinger-- Text Voyage of Discovery to N. Available at at Roy Glashan's Library. The Federal Capital. Other novels and short fiction are available from Roy Glashan's Library in various formats.

Eureka --at Roy Glashan's Library. The Botathen Ghost-- Text The Private Secretary -- Text The Letters of Rachel Henning -- Text The Last Enemy -- Text The Irish in Australia -- Text The Dear Departed -- Text A True Story -- Text Journey of Discovery to Port Phillip [edited by W. Desmond Humphreys; E. Jayne Gilbert. The Tragedy of a Third Smoker. Peer Gynt-- Text The Naughty Wife -- Text Byerley Also refer to an account by A J Richardson. The Man of Science-- Text The Country of the Pointed Firs-- Text. Works availabe at Roy Glashan's Library. Collected Poetry-- Text Memoir of George Dana Boardman, late missionary to Burmah, containing much intelligence relative to the Burman mission-- Text Thurnley Abbey-- Text Der Roman einer Wolke Sternentau.

We Have Come Through! Ida LEE Falsivir's Travels--at Roy Glashan's Library. Chisholm's research and discovery of Gilbert's diaries and letters throws a new light on Leichhardt's expedition.

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Leichhardt's Third Expedition [edited by Rev. Lindt during Sir Peter Scratchley's Expedition. See Wikipedia for a brief biography. The Last of Mrs Cheney-- Text The Tomb of Sarah-- Text The Vintons and the Karens: Memorials of Rev. Quill Gold --at Roy Glashan's Library Working for a Newspaper The Bradys and the Signal Boy; or. The Great Train Robbery A Story of the Trotting Turf The Bradys and "No.

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