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We make a few different ones my son loves my pumpkin cookies. These look delicious! I think that we will have to try these very soon. I love trying new recipes. We my daughters and I have quite a wide selection of Christmas cookies we love. Its baking them together as a family, that makes them taste soo good! Sorry if this is a repost, internet went down when I sent. Cream Wafers. They were made by My Paternal grandmother and Aunt. Then my my mother.

These cookies are a lot of work so when we make our thousands for cookies for the season we make these cookies together. My mother and i roll out the cookies. So my grandmother 92 Sugars and pricks the cookies before they go the oven. Then my children and husband help Frost the cookies. Always my favorite!!

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Santa Surprises! They have a miniature snickers in the middle of a peanut butter cookie, chocolate drizzled on the top and sprinkled with powdered sugar! I love Amish sugar cookies. So fluffy and light. But I love them for every holiday, just change the cookie cutter! Snowflake shaped sugar cookies, iced with a light blue minty royal frosting and sanding sugar and white nonpareils. Picking your favorite cookie would be like picking your favorite child!

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I make Kolache cookies filled with almond paste, apricot and prune fillings — delicious!!! My favorite is and will always be the traditional home made sugar cookies frosted and decorated by the kiddos in the family.

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My all time favorite Christmas cookie is my mothers butter cookies! They bring back great childhood memories! Chocolate Chip Forgotten Cookies; the best cookies ever!

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I only make them at Christmas time because they are so special. Almond and oatmeal chocolate chips cookies. The smell in my kitchen is amazing on Christmas morning. My favorite Christmas cookie is actually the sugar cut-outs that I make with the kids.

So fun to see how they decorate the shapes! My absolute favorite are a tie between my peanut butter cookies with a Hershey kiss on top or my oatmeal cherry chocolate chip cookies I make. Sugar crisps. It is an old family recipe that my 96 year old great grandmother, mother in law and sister in law get together and make every year.

My moms surger cookies, she made trees, stars,and bells they were made with lots of love, sure do miss her. They have been my favorite Christmas cookie forever! Chocolate mint meltaways and soft gingersnaps are my fave!

They both just melt in your mouth! Thanks for sharing and beautiful photos! Molasses crinkles…my german great grandmother made these when i was a little girl…after she passed away i found her recipe…so simple but so good and brings back great holiday memories!!! My mom makes 9 different cookies, about cookies total.

My favorite has to be the Tea Time Tassie. It is a toss-up. I love the spritz cookies, but I live in New Mexico and biscochitos are pretty hard to beat. The cookie dough is rolled, baked, ends dipped in chocolate then rolled in nuts. My fave is an alternative. It is a wrap that is made with cream and feta cheese, green onion tops and dried cranberries sliced into pin wheels.

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At our Xmas eve service, it is the first bare plate. Sugar Cookies are my favorite. Save some for Santa too, of course! Although not traditional, in our Lebanese-American family, it is a must. I love baking peanut butter chocolate chip cookies for the family. Thank you Ree for all the yummy recipes. Our family loves all the recipes. My fav is Russian Tea Cakes.

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My aunt made them every year…. Spritz cookies always remind me of Christmas also sugar cookies and the coconut chocolate chip bar cookies. Favorite Holiday Cookie, that is so hard, I go to a Christmas Cookie Exchange every years and gain new recipes all the time. I like the Grinch cookies cause they are mint and chocolate, but last year I made iced sugar cookies combining two recipes, and got my boys both involved, hope we can keep this a tradition. A good hearty oatmeal is my favorite to make during the holidays.

Some times I mix it up and add chocolate chips. Cant be too healthy, right? Gingersnaps with pumpkin dip! I loved making them, eating them, and leaving them out for Santa. My favorite Christmas cookie would have to be those lovely little butter cookies stamped into different shapes and some are even dipped in chocolate! Love watching PW shows on Sat. Thanks for the opportunity. Date pinwheel cookies are a childhood favorite.

I love cut out frosted sugar cookies, they remind me of my family. We always decorated them and the whole table would be full of them, waiting for the icing to set. We could not wait to eat them. My favorite Christmas Cookie is definitely soft sugar cookies with buttercream icing and sprinkles on top. My favorite cookies at Christmas are Peanut Butter Blossoms. The cookie is so light and flaky and the frosting in the center is divine! Favorite cookie is white chocolate cherry shortbread cookie, my dad has asked me to make them every Christmas for the last 5 years, it was his favorite cookie too.

For Xmas each year my children and I bake the traditional chocolate chip, and they are so delicious…especially when we bake them together!! I love u ree!!

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By far my favorite chef!!! I love old fashioned butter cookies to make with chirstmas cookie cutters — so many memories! My mom always made sand tarts when I was growing up. I liked them then, but of course, chocolate chip was my favorite as a kid.