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  • Nutgrass: Three experts' solutions to one of the worst weeds - Los Angeles Times.
  • Nutgrass – A tough little nut to crack!.

Sedgehammer herbicide is a water dispersable granule formulation used to kill and remove Nutgrass and Mullumbimby couch without affecting your lawn. Sedgehammer can be safely used on lawn varieties including bent grass, buffalo, couch, kikuyu, perennial ryegrass, QLD Blue couch and Tall fescue. How to use: Apply at a rate of 1.

Find a store. Toggle navigation. Search Now. Not what you're looking for? Try our problem solver. Pack size 0. Quantity Qty. It has been called "the world's worst weed" [24] as it is known as a weed in over 90 countries, and infests over 50 crops worldwide.

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  7. In the uplands of Cambodia, it is described as an important agricultural weed. Its existence in a field significantly reduces crop yield, both because it is a tough competitor for ground resources, and because it is allelopathic , the roots releasing substances harmful to other plants. The difficulty to control it is a result of its intensive system of underground tubers , and its resistance to most herbicides. It is also one of the few weeds that cannot be stopped with plastic mulch.

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    Weed pulling in gardens usually results in breakage of roots, leaving tubers in the ground from which new plants emerge quickly. Ploughing distributes the tubers in the field, worsening the infestation; even if the plough cuts up the tubers to pieces, new plants can still grow from them. In addition, the tubers can survive harsh conditions, further contributing to the difficulty to eradicate the plant.

    Hoeing in traditional agriculture of South East Asia does not remove the plant but leads to rapid regrowth. Most herbicides may kill the plant's leaves, but most have no effect on the root system and the tubers. Glyphosate will kill some of the tubers along with most other plants and repeated application can be successful. Halosulfuron-methyl [27] will control nut grass after repeated applications without damaging lawns.

    Nutgrass – A tough little nut to crack!

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