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He cried, he cried for the sinners due to the punishment of the fire.

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He feared for them the punishment of the Lord of all that exists, while they do not fear for themselves! The Messenger of Allah is more merciful to us than we are to ourselves! He is more merciful to us than we are to ourselves. He cried due to the mercy he had for us and fearing for us. Thus Jibril said: O Messenger of Allah, what makes you cry?

Teardrops from Heaven

He replied: My Ummah, my Ummah. He cried for his Ummah. O Muslims, this is the best of mankind crying for his Ummah as a mercy for them and fearing for them from the punishment of Allah while his Ummah is heedless. Heedless; his Ummah is in a deep sleep his Ummah is in a deep sleep.

Heedless of obedience, falling into sins; they have become busy with this worldly life, obeying their desires and lusts. They do not remember the meeting with Allah, and they do not remember the intense heat of the Hell-fire. They do not remember the intense heat of the Hell-fire; they do not remember the intensity of the standing on the Day of Judgment for the reckoning. O Muslim nation, it is more befitting that we cry for ourselves. Beware of the fire, the fire!

The fire does not show mercy to anyone. So have mercy upon yourself my brother in faith.

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By Allah, if you knew what I know, you would laugh little, weep much, and you would not enjoy women in your beds, but would go out to the open space beseeching Allah. We would spend the night and day weeping for ourselves and we would not enjoy women in our beds; meaning our desires would die, our desires would die. And we would go out into the street and the open areas beseeching Allah to save us from the fire.

The Messenger of Allah swore that if we knew what he knew from the punishment of Allah and the fire then our hearts would not be at ease, and our hearts would not be happy, rather we would always live in sadness and we would live in fear.

But heedlessness frequents our hearts so we have become oblivious towards the future. O Muslims beware; beware of the punishment of Allah. Beware of the punishment of Allah. And cry while crying can benefit you. Crying in this life is beneficial. As for crying in the grave, and crying on the Day of Judgment, then it will bring no benefit. Crying at this moment will not benefit those who cry. For this reason—O Muslims—our Salaf were always weeping and sad. They feared the meeting with Allah.

They feared the punishment of Allah. They feared standing before Al Jabar Allah on the Day of Judgment; despite their obedience and their worship and their righteous actions.

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Like this was the mother of the believers Aisha—may Allah be pleased with her. Despite that, we persist in our disobedience to Him and take His mercy for granted. Abu Bakr may Allah be pleased with him was also a great example of this. He was simply known for crying out of fear of Almighty Allah.

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These people were keen on serving fellow human beings during the day and invoke Almighty Allah at night in order to save them as well as all humanity from His Punishment. Let us contemplate the reality of the hereafter and let us invoke Almighty Allah to forgive our sins and soften our hearts. Human beings are in turmoil. Only connecting with Allah wholeheartedly and begging for His mercy and forgiveness can bring us closer to Him and instill a sense of tranquility and softness in our hearts.

Tears of The Messenger of Allah

He is an imam in the Chicago area, the US. A graduate of Darul Uloom Shah Waliullah in Islamic studies and the University of Chicago in political science, he studied television production as director and producer at the Chicago Access Corporation. Bukhari and Muslim Only connecting with Almighty Allah wholeheartedly and begging for His mercy and forgiveness can bring us closer to Him.