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Description Early in the morning, high in the mountains of China, a large black figure appears. It's a magnificent Asiatic black bear, otherwise known as a moon bear. His name is Moonie.

He has a happy life. His friend Eddie the eagle and his brother Erwin like to play jokes on him.

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Their fun ends when they discover humans in the area. Hungry for food the bears hide behind rocks. They get a nasty surprise. Moonie gets caught in a net and taken to a bear farm. A terrifying ordeal.

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Erwin and Eddie want to rescue him. Two children also know what happened.

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They rescue Moonie and other bears with the help of Animals Asia. The trailer, released by Sony Pictures Classics , largely centers on James and his obsession with the Brigsby Bear Adventures show, with a seemingly endless library of VHS tapes of these episodes, which feature a life-sized bear that is quite reminiscent of Teddy Ruxpin, who seemingly goes on a variety of different adventures. We also see that James lives in an underground compound, and since James has to put a gas mask on just to go outside, we get the impression that something has happened to the outside world, or at least that could be what James has been told.

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We see James putting on a presentation about Brigsby Bear to his parents, with their compound including an enclosed greenhouse, while another scene shows James' father leave the compound in his car, wearing a gas mask and carrying a briefcase. There is also more footage that is a different re-creation of the Brigsby Bear show in a desert environment.

Moon Bear Rescue -- A decade on....

The trailer ends with a family dinner ritual, where all three of them state together, "May our minds be stronger tomorrow," before they each stand up and shake each others' hands. Kyle Mooney co-wrote the script with Kevin Costello.